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The amount of federal and state aid each student in foster care receives varies significantly and often results in disproportionate uncertainty and fear of losing the college opportunity. The nsoro Foundation steps in to close the gap in funding for youth from foster care by filling the tuition, meal plan, housing, and fee shortfall that many students need to remain enrolled in school.

The nsoro Foundation is proud to support scholars across a variety of postsecondary institutions each with the goal for our scholars’ to complete a vocational certificate or degree at the Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s levels.

Below is an example of nsoro Foundation gap funding is applied.


Federal Pell Grant: $5,920
Federal SEOG Grant: $100-$4,000
Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant
Federal ACG Grant: $750-$1,350
Academic Competitiveness Grant
State Funded Grants if eligible – vary by state
ILP Assistance: $12,500 (funding varies by state)

TOTAL: $21,420

Tuition Gap: -3,580
The nsoro Scholarship: $3,580

For many students, an nsoro scholarship is the difference between a student graduating college or dropping out of school. With a single $5,000 donation you could give a student from foster care a college degree.