Our Impact:

78% of the current death row population spent time in the foster care system. 50% of former foster youth are homeless within two years of leaving the system, and only 3% will graduate from college. Youth in foster care are far more likely to have developmental delays, substance abuse & psychological problems, perform poorly in school, and experience poverty.

At a crossroads of incarceration and graduation, the nsoro foundation steps in to change the foster youth narrative. When a youth in foster care attends College Bound, they experience more than a one week program—they are introduced to a future of possibility. Enriching math and science instruction, encouraging mentorship, and exciting college exposure equip students with the tools they need to rewrite their futures. In six years, more than 900 students have graduated from the College Bound program, each leaving confident in their abilities to manage finances, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and achieve their educational and career goals.

nsoro remains a partner for youth in foster care throughout their journeys. Since 2005, we have awarded more than 700 scholarships for postsecondary education. Currently serving over 300 scholars at 192 universities, we are creating a population of thriving former foster youth determined to beat the odds: 89% of nsoro scholars have graduated or are still enrolled in school, while 65% of them are pursuing an advanced degree. 98% of our alumni have not been incarcerated, 78% have not been homeless, and 96% have not abused drugs or alcohol.

The nsoro Foundation gives youth in foster care a vision of life beyond their current circumstances, and then empowers them to realize their dreams.

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