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The Setting: nsoro’s Starfish Ball this past January. Our amazing Katrina, a rising third-year nsoro scholar at Kennesaw State University, happens to be seated next to Dr. Jeff Salyards, Executive Director of Defense Forensic Science Center at Fort Gillem (think: NCIS for the globe). As Dr. Salyards explained, “If the Department of Defense is on the cutting edge of research in this arena, Fort Gillem is the tip of the sword.”

Impressed with his conversation with Katrina, Dr. Salyards reached out to nsoro to contact Katrina about a prestigious internship as a Research Associate with DFSC. The contact was made, her meeting with Dr. Salyards went smashingly, she passed the entrance exam with flying colors, and…landed the position! And this isn’t just your basic garden-variety summer internship: This is a year-round position with a strong possibility of permanent employment after graduation.

Congratulations, Katrina!